leather checkbook cover

Leather checkbook covers to go cash-free in style

In today’s day and age, cash-free transactions are taking over the way we do the shopping and conduct our business. Nowadays, customers and businessmen prefer to go cashless when making a purchase or making payments. Checks, cards, and online bank transfers are the principal ways to make payments these days. Why would you want to take out a boring checkbook from the back pocket when you can carry it with DAB’s premium leather checkbook covers? If you’re used to making your business or personal payments through checks, our leather checkbook holders are a must-have.

Durable leather checkbook covers measured to perfection

So how would a typical checkbook user carry it on a daily basis? They are placed in glove compartments, back pockets, and inside bags. This makes the checkbook look wrinkled and dirty, making a bad impression on the receiver. DAB’s premium leather checkbook covers keep checkbooks in place and shape at all times.

A typical checkbook given to an account holder in Pakistan varies in size. On average banks give out checks that range between 7” to 8.5” in length, and between 2.75” to 3.65” in height. Measured to perfection, our leather checkbook holders are able to fit all available checkbook sizes in both Pakistan and abroad. It promises security and protection when you are on the go, anywhere, and at any time. You can fasten the checkbook with the help of two elastic straps. It also has a pen holder on the side to have you be ready at all times.

Made from the finest leather and craftsmanship

As with all other DAB leather products, our premium leather checkbook covers are made from the finest quality leather. High-quality feel, texture, and durability are offered by the 100% genuine leather used in the product. Leather is one material in the world that defines luxury and class. Leather enthusiasts crave it for its rugged texture, bold colors, and durable nature. DAB’s leather checkbook covers are no different from the rest of the products in its range. The leather checkbook holders are just as soft, come in similar customer favorite colors and offer other options also. Our leather checkbook covers have separate compartments that hold multiple credit/debit cards and id-cards. Loose checks detached from the checkbooks can be safely stored in the extra pockets in the leather checkbook cover.

Handy in size and utility, our leather checkbook covers can easily be hand-held and can even be in back pockets. The premium leather checkbook covers by DAB come in a variety of different colors, all made from 100% genuine cow leather. Our checkbook covers will allow you to stand out from the crowd and be different. Placed on your office table or next to your smartphone, these checkbook covers will add a touch of class to the mundane and elegance to the boring. Making payments or purchases would never be the same again after DAB’s premium leather checkbook covers.

Buy premium checkbook covers in Pakistan

You’ve bought from DAB before and loved it. Why not try our premium quality leather checkbooks. Head down to our kiosk at Emporium Mall – Lahore to touch and feel the product. See for yourself just how smooth and premium the leather is and how you could use it on a daily basis. If you’ve bought from us before, we can’t wait to dispatch our premium quality leather checkbook cover to you.