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What is crazy horse leather?

26 Apr

Leather products come in an array of materials and crazy horse leather is a quality that is trending a lot these days. People usually confuse it with horse skin, and wonder what it is and how it’s made. This article answers all queries about crazy horse leather accessories.

crazy horse leather
Source: Crazy Horse Craft

How is it made?

Crazy horse leather is made by applying a special kind of wax to the full-grain cowhide leather surface after being polished and smothered. This process results in the changing of the color of the treated area and enhances the leather fibers. The change in color is permanent and deepens with time, lending a more vintage and antique look to the finished leather accessories. When scratched, it tends to change color and give an even more worn-out appearance. It’s also safe to say that a simple turn or bend in leather results in a different shade of the leather. Since they age with grace, crazy horse accessories are taking the international community by surprise.

Why is it called crazy horse leather?

Consumers often wrongly believe that its name is derived from horse leather, but this is not the case. This quality of leather is widely used for horse saddles, lending it, sometimes, the name of saddle leather.

Why should you buy it?

Crazy horse leather products are strong, durable and have a unique look and feel. The finish applied onto the surface of its leather accessories makes them water resistant and last a lifetime- definitely worthy of buying!

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Crazy Horse Dollar Size Wallet

This minimalist designed light weight crazy horse dollar size leather wallet is soft and fits easily in shirt and pants pockets and holds few cards and cash.

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Crazy Horse Long Wallet

Made with genuine crazy horse leather, this bi-fold long wallet is made to keep cards, cash and mobile.

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Open Edge Crazy Horse Long Wallet

Keep your belongings well organized with this simple yet fashionable open edge crazy horse long wallet. Bi-fold long design with good capacity for cards, money, cell phone etc.

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Reverse Flap Wallet

With this camel color reverse flap wallet made with genuine crazy horse leather, you will never go short on space for your important cards. It also has two ID windows for quick access of IDs while travelling or shopping.

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