Men's leather jackets

Men’s leather jackets that are stylish and sleek

DAB Leather Accessories has introduced a range of men’s leather jackets. After the success of our extensive range of leather products, customers began to demand leather jackets. Leather jackets are a men’s wardrobe staple because it is a simple, practical and timeless piece of apparel. When we started our brand, little did we know that we would venture into this space and take it by storm. Ever since our launch, our leather jackets have always been hot sellers and customer favorites because they are simply one of best available out there in Pakistan. In case you haven’t tried our men’s leather jackets as yet, here are some reasons why you should.

Men’s leather jackets made from genuine leather

Men’s leather jackets by DAB are made from one hundred percent genuine leather. Our jackets are made to last because our the leather that we procure is from the finest sources available in Pakistan. Our jackets are diligently stitched by experienced craftsmen because that makes sure our jackets last a lifetime. The mark of a truly genuine men’s leather jacket is its ability to mold itself according to the shape of its user. Our jackets are no different. Even if you feel they’re a little tight, with time, their fit will become more comfortable and wearable.

Easy to style

Leather jackets are a firm favorite for Pakistanis. This is why so many local brands sell leather jackets. Whether they are genuine leather jackets is another issue. Nontheless, there is a reason why leather jackets are loved so much. Primarily, leather jackets can easily be styled with pretty much anything. Wear it over a simple tshirt, and you’re good to go. In the winters, you can style it with a nice sweater to give a sleek look and keep you warm at the same time.

Our leather jackets come in different designs. You’ll find simple zip-up men’s leather jackets in our range, along with other notable styles. All of them are high quality, contemporary and daily use jackets.

Affordably priced men’s leather jackets

Price factor is one that deters most enthusiasts from buying genuine leather jackets. If you check online, there are several brands selling leather jackets that at astronomical prices. While leather is a luxury category, it still does not merit too high a price. We at DAB Leather Accessories were conscious of bringing to market our men’s leather jackets at affordable prices. 

If you look over our range, you will see that our prices are much lower compared to other brands. It is worth noting that our jackets are made from one hundred percent genuine sheep leather, as opposed to faux leather or rexine. 

Try and buy

Our customers regarding the location of our outlets often quiz us. This is because they like to try our jackets out before paying a high but affordable price for it. They make a fair point. DAB Leather Accessories, its jackets and all other products can be checked out and tried at our kiosk at Emporium Mall. There, you would get a chance to not only buy our men’s leather jackets, but to also try them out to see just how good they really are.