DAB’s premium quality leather card holders in Pakistan

Pakistanis are obsessed with leather and love to own and adore leather products. This is why so many leather brands offer a range of products in their collection. Very few brands, though, offer premium leather products at a bargain as DAB leather accessories do. One hundred percent genuine leather is used to make all leather cardholders that are sold. Its compact nature and functionality make leather card holders a must-have for every go-getter of today.

Leather card holders for men and women

In the digitally optimized world of today, cash payments are becoming less and less frequent. Shoppers and buyers prefer to make transactions through online payment and card swipes. Tax policies now encourage  Tax policies have encouraged Pakistanis to pay via card rather than cash. This means the need for heavy and bulky wallets has diminished for all advocates of going cashless. Leather card holders are the perfect substitute for wallets that let you safely handle all your cards and even cash in a compact and hassle-free manner.

Men are not the only ones to be using leather card holders. It is a unisex product that is equally useful to men as it is for women, especially professionals. Often termed as credit/debit card holder wallets, they’re a must-have for those who want to ditch conventional wallets. DAB leather accessories sell and manufacture leather card holders from only the best and genuine leather available. Our intricately designed products put functionality and look above all else.

Range that offers something to all

True to its promise of serving all different types of leather enthusiasts in Pakistan, DAB offers a wide range of leather card holders. Our range features credit/debit card holders of all different sizes, colors, and shapes. Some of our card holders have options of over eight cards, while some offer four card pockets in addition to a cash pocket. Some are basic brown and black leather card holders. Others are multi-colored debit card holders for the bold and experimental. We also offer bi-fold leather card holders that open up like conventional wallets but are much more compact in size and shape. Other leather card holders are front-open allowing for slotting in and out of pockets in no time.

The best part about DAB’s leather card holder range is that it is affordable and budget-friendly. As part of the brand’s essence, it aims to make available premium quality products at an affordable price. Leather is a luxury that everyone deserves to enjoy, and we try our utmost to practice what we preach. This is why DAB’s leather card holders are affordable and we also offer FREE delivery nationwide for orders above Rs 1000.

Not sure about how the products feel and look? Are you a picky online shopper? Not to worry – you can always go to our kiosk at Emporium Mall to check out the products for yourself. You’ll find our curated and wide-ranging collection there of all things leather.