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They’re fundamental components of each man’s closet, yet frequently risk getting exorbitant. It’d take tomes of style to investigate to address each way of frill, so we’re going to take a gander at belts for men. It can make or break an outfit, therefore leather belts for men have a surprisingly big impact on the outcome of a look-than it is given credit for. It’s stylish and functional and since it’s worn almost every day, whether at work or for socializing, investing in the right formal or casual leather belt is of utmost importance.
Our Leather belts are made of cow leather and come in classic shades such as black, brown, mahogany so they will last as a fashion accessory for a really long time. This kind of leather is hard-wearing yet soft, allowing for some major sustainable waist-cinching! The formal leather belts come with a thinner strap, sleeker buckle, and softer strap with a shiny buckle and are well suited to pair with business suits or to pull off the smart casual office look. The casual leather belts are tougher looking with comparatively wider straps and larger buckles and complete every day, relaxed looks where jeans, shorts, or khakis are an essential component. DAB Leather Accessories offers an array of designs in both categories!

Customized leather belts

Our leather belts come in 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, and 45mm sizes and upon request, we can also tailor them as per your waist size. How to know what your size is? Your leather belt should be almost 4 inches larger than your pants waist. Don’t be tempted to buy cheap products because the best part about our belts: they don’t cost a bomb yet quality-wise, they are at par with any other premium quality brand for leather belts!

When deducing your size, Formal belts look best with a short tail, whereas casual belts can have a relatively larger one- the length should be enough to tuck through. A good belt starts with a pant that fits well. Additional style tip: Remember to match your strap colour with your shoes and your cuff-links with the colour of your belt buckle!

You can just shop a handful of cheap, seemingly Shop our curated range of leather belts on our webshop as well as at our kiosk at Emporium Mall, Basement 1, Lahore- and no need to puncture holes in them, we will size your leather belt according to your waist measurement! Make sure you think through your purchase of men’s belts opt for the sartorially savvy ones from our collection of leather belts for men for they will surely(and literally) hold up your assured sense of style.