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Genuine Leather Long Wallets For Men

A long wallet should be your go-to if you wear a suit on a daily basis, as it can easily fit into a breast pocket found within the jacket while remaining flat. DAB Leather Accessories has a very diverse line of genuine leather long wallets for men where ample space is available for indispensable cards as well as for change, banknotes, and most importantly, checkbooks- far from being folded.

You also have the choice of choosing the smaller model that fits comfortably in a coat’s pocket, or the larger genuine leather wallets for men, which have the character of a classic clutch, augmented by additional compartments and slots for sufficient free space. We have a very diverse line of long wallet in appealing shades. Tight line, cool edged cutting, exact measurement, and elegant smell of real leather. You’ll regret it if you don’t try it! The demands of a wallet have changed and DAB Leather Accessories has adapted to these requirements.

Shop genuine leather long wallets for men from our e-store as well as at our kiosk at Emporium Mall, Basement 1, Lahore where we can personalize your wallets where you can get names, pictures, logos and anything else put on your favorite genuine leather wallets through customization.