Stylish genuine leather long wallets for men

If you’re bored of the same old bi-fold wallets, DAB’s wallets for men serve as the right breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for. For years, men have been forced to use the same kinds of wallets because there were simply no other alternatives. Now though, the scene has completely changed. More and more customers prefer long wallets rather than traditional ones. DAB brings to you an entire range of long wallets for men to add a new buzz to your daily cash and card carriage.

 Genuine leather long wallets

DAB leather accessories do not compromise on quality and artisanship. All our products are manufactured from one hundred percent genuine leather procured from a wide range of resources. Our wallets for men are no different because they too are made from the same one hundred percent genuine leather. Manufactured by experienced artisans, our wallets are set to last a lifetime.

Moreover, it is common for leather to reach its true potential and grace after prolonged use. While long wallets might seem stiff at initial use, they will mold and soften to your daily use and utility.

All your cards and cash together

Have you ever had trouble finding space to fit all your cards in your wallet? It is a dilemma men face on a daily basis. This is where long wallets by DAB can come in handy. Our long wallets have up to 10 card slots and two cash pockets to store everything in one place. You can conveniently reach into your pockets to have all your essentials safely secured in our range of long wallets for men.

Our wallets are the best in class when it comes to long wallets. They have separate pockets for identity cards and credit/debit cards, enabling you to easily find what you’re looking for without much hassle.

Our wallets can easily fit into pockets

A long wallet should be your go-to if you wear a suit on a daily basis. It can easily fit into a breast pocket found within the jacket while remaining flat. DAB Leather Accessories has a very diverse line of genuine leather long wallets for men. They have ample space is available for cards as well as for change, banknotes, and most importantly, checkbooks.

You also have the choice of choosing the smaller model that fits comfortably in a coat’s pocket, or the larger genuine leather long wallets, which have the character of a classic clutch, augmented by additional compartments and slots for sufficient free space. We have a very diverse line of wallets for men in appealing shades. Tight line, cool edged cutting, exact measurement, and elegant smell of real leather. You’ll regret it if you don’t try it! The demands of a wallet have changed and DAB Leather Accessories has adapted to these requirements.