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Leather bifold wallets

Our classic leather bifold wallets come with two sections (hence “bi” in “bi-fold”). It is folded only once, in half, for closure and is therefore, much thinner than a trifold wallet (depending on its content). The lean design of the leather bifold wallets takes up less space in the pockets of pants and is thus, a popular choice by DAB leather accessories patrons.
They are, after all, stylish, practical, and elegant and can still easily accommodate essential cash and cards. Extra pockets for change are there too, along with zippers that prevent things from tumbling uncontrollably into your pocket. Choosing the leather for your leather bifold wallet is one thing you should not miss out on. You can choose from three types of leather from our range of wallets: The crazy horse leather or cowhide leather is characterized by its particular strength and stiffness, the milled leather for its softness and pliability, and plain leather for its simplicity. We have you spoilt for choice!


Shop leather bifold wallets online as well as at our kiosk at Emporium Mall, Basement 1, Lahore. We can also make your leather wallets personalized through engraving or laser cutting so you can get names, pictures, logos and anything else put on your favorite genuine leather men’s wallets through customization.